Bulgarian Journalist Hit By Hammers

Bulgarian journalist Ognian Stefanov (Head Editor of the news site Frog News) has been beaten nearly to death by 3 or 4 people using hammers and steel bars. He is in hospital in a very bad condition. According to hospital personnel he has lost more than 2 litres of blood, his arms and legs have been broken. His spinal cord is also hurt and his life is in danger.

This is the most terrible accident of the kind since writer of criminal novels Georgi Stoev was shot in the head in a central location in Sofia on April 7 this year.

Both authors published materials about organized crime and corruption of high level Bulgarian officials. Earlier today the yearly report of Transparency International for Bulgaria was released. The report clearly indicates the rise of corruption which sends Bulgaria in worst position in EU and causes observers to conclude that Bulgarian membership in EU has turned to be a failure.

Additional information from Mr. Stefanov’s news site, Frog News:
Mafia country.


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