Part of the criticism that I have been receiving is that I don’t like my country. The reason: my continuous disagreement with the current chief policy-makers and my especially strong negative attitude towards the president, the prime minister and other leading politicians. It’s not that I hate my country. I feel ashamed, I feel terribly embarrassed by these people. Besides, I’m quite annoyed. I’m annoyed because not enough normal Bulgarians are annoyed.

I believe many of the persons in power are corrupted and incompetent. Our young prime-minister, the Ukraine-born son of high-ranked member of the communist party Sergei Stanishev has indirectly admitted his disability. He made a lot of mistakes (for which he has been warned well in advance both by EU observers and Bulgarians). Now, at the end of his 4-year long struggle to stay in power no matter what, he has devised a secret plan to outwit the Euro-Commission. Quite in the communist tradition of causing major trouble and asking somebody else to fix the damages, Mr. Stanishev sought to replace the EU monitoring system with help from EU professionals. According to the ingenious plan of our failure-premier, the EU should be allowed to intervene when “weaknesses may be qualified as structural and persistent and…cannot be resolved by the Bulgarian government alone”.

Since the Bulgarian government has proven incapable of overcoming any weakness, does this mean that we should hand the management of the country directly to the EU? We would rather hand all these people to some communist place as their minds and manners simply do not fit a modern European country. I wouldn’t be too surprised if next time they go and ask „mother“ Russia to come in again and take care of us (as if we are stupid little children).


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