Let’s Go Legal

Let me first take a quick look at Italy. The boot-shaped peninsula where nobody has admitted to me they voted for Berlusconi and still he managed to become PM 3 times. Dear Italians, I’m telling you this: you live in a beautiful country, women are cute, men are far too obsessed with football, music is great and the legal system is a mess. There’s the mafia, the corrupted politicians and the Polizia Finanziaria (financial police). Doesn’t it make you wonder what kind a rule of law is that if you need armed policemen to collect the taxes? Or how about the garbage mafia and the criminals in Naples? I saw the Army in the streets. Guns, boots, bullet-proof vehicles. Did you also consider the Navy and the Air Force? The sea is near – a few big military ships might scare the bad guys.

I have a suspicion. Maybe it’s not the power – it’s the legal system. The Italian judiciary is failing too bad for too long. And it has pretty good chances that it will stay that way. At least, I’ve got some good news for you – you are not last, you are second-last. What could possibly be worse? Well, you have been out-failed by the Bulgarian legal system. Effectiveness – forget it. Rule of law – there is no such term in Bulgarian. We have a term „justice“ which roughly translates into English as „whatever happens, don’t touch the communists“. And we have a term for firing a communist out of office (power) – „witch hunt“. „I don’t want to be governed any more by the former communists“ – „No, no, no, that’s a witch hunt. We have to respect justice.“ I must have missed the lesson in school when they explain why the communist people should never be sentenced guilty – no matter what they do.

We’ve been experiencing serious problems with the law ever since we switched from hardcore to softcore communism in 1989 (before that it was a pure nightmare for libertarian people). In spite of the highest number of policemen per capita in EU now we have organized crime (that we call „well-dressed businessmen“), we have thieves and killers (who we call „unknown subjects“), we have corrupted officials (who we simply call „the Government“). As a country, we went criminal. We just accepted what the former communists prepared for us.

My message is: Let’s go legal. Let’s stop fooling ourselves with a little reform here and a little reform there. We need the courage and determination to build a much better judiciary.

Here’s a video you might enjoy:


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